Talkin' 'Bout Tannoy

To Doug Schneider,

Thank you for answering my questions regarding speaker products, which you posted on your website. How far away is the Tannoy review and can you give me any thoughts in comparison to the Vivid beforehand? I did think of KEF, however it was a fair bit higher in price and I was trying to keep the comparison level to some extent.

Thanks again for your candid reply. It is appreciated and I am sure that other readers probably feel the same.


Candor is my thing, even though it occasionally infuriates some manufacturers. But if I can steer audiophiles clear of buying junk, then it’s worth it.

As for you current question, I’ll confess that I have a bit of a problem that I’m pretty sure most audiophiles wouldn’t think is a problem at all -- I have too much equipment to review here. It’s mainly because I’m more or less the central hub for equipment that makes it up to Canada, so a lot of the stuff just ends up here and I review it. As a result, I’m a little behind, so the Tannoy Definition DC10As, despite being set up and staring at me daily from where I have them positioned, are still a way off insofar as the review write-up goes. So there’s nothing I can tell you right now, but ask me again in about one month and I should have some news. . . . Doug Schneider