On Ken's CES Commentary

To Ken Kessler,

Thank you for your comments on high-end audio. I found your article “The Funeral That Was CES” to be very insightful. Having arrived at a point in my life where I can afford a good audio system, I sometimes wonder how some audio manufacturers stay in business. Given the MP3/iPod generation, I just don’t see much of a future market for systems which cost more than a luxury automobile. My modest hope is that at least a few of the younger folks invest in a system that at least sounds good. In my opinion, a system that sounds good can be had for under $5000.

On to the political. I am not a fan of the left or the right. I find politicians to be self-serving and not worthy of the country they pretend to serve. That said, I have a feeling that income inequality and wage stagnation are issues which are undermining the audio industry. How can a single person, or indeed a family, afford the above mentioned under-$5k system. I guess my point is that the $5k system becomes a luxury for a hollowed-out middle class.

Thank you for your great articles. I look forward to reading more of them in the future.

R. Wilkins
United States