Garrett's Favorite $5k DACs

To Garrett Hongo,

I suddenly find myself looking at DACs under $5000 (with a volume control). My search brought me to your (well written) review of the T+A DAC 8. Could you give me a short list of current DACs you like under $5k? Thanks in advance.


Nice to hear from you across the years. And thanks for your question and kind words about my review of the T+A DAC 8 ($3250). Other than the DAC 8, my list of current DACs with volume control under $5000 is fairly short: the Auralic Vega ($3500 and my reference), the Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus ($4995), and the Hegel HD30 ($4800) -- the latter two reviewed on SoundStage! Hi-Fi as well. My favorite moderately priced DAC is the Luxman DA-06 ($4990), but it has no volume control and therefore can’t directly drive a power amp. . . . Garrett Hongo