Paradigm Concept 4F Review Request

To Doug Schneider,

Great review of the KEF Blade Two. I have heard the Blade and loved that speaker. It was my speaker to get when I move into my future house. However, the Blade Two may be a new choice based on room size. I wanted to write to you to ask if you would consider doing a review of the Paradigm Concept 4F speaker and compare it to the Blades. I imagine the 4F will be released soon and you will get a chance to review it. It would be great if you could compare the models since they both come from companies which place a high emphasis on scientific research in their designs.

Manoj Cooray
United States

I loved the Blade Two, but I am also wondering what the production version of Paradigm’s Concept 4F will look and sound like when it’s finally released. The prototype that the company showed at High End 2015 was certainly promising sounding, but it was far from finished back then. From what I understand, the designers at Paradigm are not only completing that speaker, but also an entire series of speakers that it will be part of. My hope is that they’ll come to fruition this fall and we will get one of the first review pairs in. . . . Doug Schneider